Welcome to Shove!

We went ahead and had our robot pal shovebot send you this quick shove. What you just saw is what it looks like to other users when you shove them.

Feel free to shove shovebot any page you’re on—she’ll hit you back with a random fun link just for kicks.

What is Shove?

Shove allows you to instantly open a tab in your friend’s browser, in case you installed this thing without reading what it was. You risk taker, you.

How do you shove someone?

It’s easy. First, browse to the website you want to share. Then, hit the Shove icon in the upper right of your Chrome browser and select your friend’s username. Consider their tab opened!

Can I block shoves for a bit? I have an important meeting.

You can log out temporarily and no shoves will get through to you. We hope to add a snooze feature in the near future!

How do I add a friend?

Hit the + add friend button inside of the extension to do that. Enter in their username and hit enter. They’ll receive a friend request, and if they accept, you’re ready to shove ‘em.

Who revived this?

A single developer in MT! NickoSCP aka Nickoakz.

Who started this?

Ah, a group of close friends having fun. Specifically: Mike Lacher (mike), Brian Moore (brian), and Chris Baker (bakey).

I have a lot of opinions about Shove.

Feel free to let us know what those are. [email protected]