A free service to listen to Spotify songs with other players in Roblox games.

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Built with music in mind

Ever since Roblox had to start removing audios for copyright reasons; the provided alternatives are more for developers to use in their game to be eligible for DevEx. There was no alternative for users to play their favorite music with their friends (or truly, any good songs). Thats about to change with Bloxify.


You'll need Spotify Premium to be able to tune in with the Roblox game you're in. You won't be able to listen if you do not have Spotify Premium. You can't request music if you're not on Bloxify or don't have Spotify Premium.

Yes. Bloxify will eventually come out with a free 'chrome extension' to attempt to use 'youtube' as your song player for users that can't get Spotify Premium.

To Spotify and Roblox:

This uses the Spotify web API features to bounce a request from Roblox to the users current Spotify client (mobile/desktop/cast), music is never downloaded to/through Roblox, only Roblox sends my server a request to tell all the 'users' to play the 'song' on their Spotify; This does NOT play the music through Roblox, it allows to make Roblox as a song controller instead, so users in-game can listen to music with their friends in-game (similar to Discord). If there is any issues/questions with this, Spotify can email my developer account and Roblox can check the owner of the model to contact me.